Wallpaper 1 was printed and bound by Jordan Ann Craig during her Artist Residency at AGA Lab in Amsterdam July and August, 2018. In this artist book, Jordan examines and recontextualizes Pueblo pottery designs as patterned prints resembling wallpaper swatches. Within these patterns, she explores topics like her relationship with her mother, the experience of moving to new places, and the life of one ladybug. The patterns are screen printed on Woodstock Betulla and Materica Kraft paper, and the font is Open Sans. The book is french-link stitched with exposed screen printed book board covers.

48 screen prints
French Link Stitch
12 x 12.5 x 2”
Completed August, 2018

A New Home
Ladybugs Are Birds
Eat Flowers for Powers
Zigzag Lightning
Mama’s Favorite Pot
Keep Me Warm

Lucy Lewis; Acoma
Gladys Paquin (Sratyu’we); Laguna
Evelyn Cheromiah, Laguna
Mary Histia; Acoma
Martina and Florentino Montoya;
San Ildefonso